“Like a Granny”

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Our church’s outreach class for children has been going on for over two years now. Mary Evelyn recently began a new program, in which she has paired up adults who have been a part of our congregation for many years with children who have been coming a relatively short time. The response has been very good.

On the night the program was announced, Miss Jenny (not her real name) came shyly to Mary Evelyn to volunteer, but expressed her doubts about whether she would know what to do. Miss Jenny has been a widow for many years and never had children. Mary Evelyn reassured her that she just needed to sit with a child and cuddle up with him or her during the devotional we have before class. “Like a granny?” Miss Jenny asked. Mary Evelyn and I are basking in the delight that now Miss Jenny gets to experience what it is like to be like a granny.

Miss Molly (not her real name either) is another of our widows. She has one sweet daughter who is near my age, but she has never had grandchildren either. Mary Evelyn paired Miss Molly with a young girl who lost her mother to cancer when she was very, very young. Both Miss Molly and her little friend were beaming as Miss Molly sat with her arm around her last Wednesday night.

My mother has been going to her cardiologist for more than a decade and he and I have developed a good rapport through the years. He always chats with me about Mother’s life and mine. During her recent visit, I talked to him about Mother’s stays at assisted living, explaining that I am sometimes out of town for our business or to see our grandchildren. For the first time I remember, this cardiologist gave me a glimpse into his own heart. He said, “You are lucky to have grandchildren.” I wondered what pain might be behind that statement (and, by the way, I don’t believe in luck — just blessings).

Theodore Roosevelt and his blessings, courtesy Library of Congress
Theodore Roosevelt and his blessings, courtesy Library of Congress

I encourage you to hold your parents’ grandchildren close today and cherish them.

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3




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