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Mama love is as basic a need for the human soul as air, water, and food are to the human body. Every mama needs to make sure that each of her daughters knows that she loves her and each of her sons needs to know that she loves him.

By the River, Henry Wolf after Thomas Austen Brown, 1910. Courtesy Smithsonian American Art Museum, Transfer from the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

No son should ever feel that he is less valuable than anyone else in his mother’s heart. No daughter should ever feel that she is less valuable than anyone else in her mother’s heart.

We need to show love with our eyes, with our smile, with our concern, with our attention, with our time, with our sacrifice, and with our heart.

Do you know anyone who did not grow up cradled in the loving nourishment of a mama’s love? Maybe you didn’t grow up with that loving nourishment yourself. Many who grew up that way find living so hard. They find loving so hard.

Perhaps hardest of all is receiving love. Some people who grow up without their mama’s devotion hurt everyone who tries to get close to them. When they spend time around people who truly love them, that love hurts because it isn’t coming from that mama whose love they long for so much. Their souls are hungry for mama love like a starved person hungers for food.

People can overcome the lack of a mama’s love. I have known some amazing people who have thrived in spite of this stumbling block, but we certainly don’t want to put a stumbling block in the way of our children.

You can give your children many things today. Your love is one of the most important.

But we proved to be gentle among you,
as a nursing mother tenderly cares
for her own children.
1 Thessalonians 2:7


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