The Blessing of a Kindred Spirit

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When Paul was concerned about the Christians in Philippi, he decided to send Timothy to check on them. Paul knew Timothy’s heart and knew that he was a kindred spirit. He knew that Timothy would perform this job well because he was genuinely concerned about the Philippians.

When John called us last Wednesday to tell us that Henry was going to the hospital, I asked Mary Evelyn if I could leave Mother in her care. I did not worry at all, because I knew that Mary Evelyn would take wonderful care of her. I was confident that I could just throw some things in a suitcase, jump in the car with Ray, and be off — and off we were in about an hour.

The job Paul had for Timothy was not an easy one. Travel in New Testament times was no piece of cake. The job I asked Mary Evelyn to do was no piece of cake either. She is the mother of active (and adorable) two-year-old Clara and is expecting in September. She works part-time with Notgrass Company. Her husband Nate also works with Notgrass Company, but he is taking some days off right now to try to finish the house they are building (and I mean building in the old fashioned way of physically building it yourself). The entire staff of Notgrass Company is six people. With our daughter Bethany’s family in the midst of moving, Nate finishing up his and Mary Evelyn’s house, and Ray, John, and me out of pocket, that left Mary Evelyn and our wonderful production assistant Ethan Reynolds to run the show.

Mev 012
Clara and Her Mama

Mary Evelyn manages all of those things well, plus helping Mother with her therapy homework which has become one of Clara’s favorite things. When Mary Evelyn asks Mother if she is ready for her therapy, Clara sometimes says, “May I do therapy?” One time when she asked that, her mama told her she could if she was a sweet girl. Clara said to herself, “Be the sweet girl. No fuss. Be the sweet girl.” Sometimes Clara gets a bit too enthusiastic and answers Grandmother’s questions before she can get the words out. When Mother did well with something the other day, Clara said, “Good job, Gralum!” That’s her version of “Grandmother.”

Mev 011
Four Generations: Charlene, Mary Evelyn, Evelyn, and Clara
(oh, yes, and Pupcake, too; she’s in Clara’s lap),
Taken the Night Before Ray and I Headed to the Hospital

To be a servant we put aside our own desires, are genuinely concerned about others, and make the sacrifices necessary to meet their needs. I am grateful to our sweet daughter for doing just that. She made it possible for Ray and me to be where we needed to be, with John, Audra, and Henry. And, if all goes as the doctor expected yesterday, a well little Henry will go home from the hospital today.

But I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly,
so that I also may be encouraged when I learn of your condition.
For I have no one else of kindred spirit
who will genuinely be concerned for your welfare.
For they all seek after their own interests, not those of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 2:19-21, NASB

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  1. Your story about “sweet girl” Clara brought a big grin to my face as I remembered my own girls (now 13 and 16) at that darling age. How like your precious family for everyone to step in and help wherever needed. You and your husband have made such a Godly impact in all their lives, I’m sure. Continuing to pray for Henry and Audra and John. Many blessings!

  2. Isn’t God terrific! So glad your little Henry is better. Praying for continual healing and a safe trip back to Tn.

  3. What a beautiful picture. You are truly blessed to have your family so close by. I have a daughter in Houston, TX, and another daughter in Pensacola, FL, my youngest daugher is at home with us. I miss my two older daughters, sometimes its 2 years before I get to see them. God has truly blessed you. I am blessed too, I just wish I could see them more often.

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