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We set off yesterday morning for 2016 homeschooling convention #2. An unfamiliar squeak at a four-way stop a half hour from home convinced us that a trip to our trusted auto repair shop would be a good idea — better in Cookeville where we know folks than at some unknown place along the road.

The immediate verdict was that the car should go up on the rack. This necessitated a quick change for me. I have been experimenting with old-fashioned hair curlers in an effort to reduce the time it takes to style my hair each morning and reduce the drying effects of the blow dryer and flat iron.

I made my first attempt last week. I hadn’t used plastic rollers, hair clips, and bobby pins in decades, but as it turns out, rolling hair is like riding a bicycle. It comes right back to you. I got Ray to take my picture that first day, thinking that I might write about it sometime. Turns out the appropriate day to write about it came yesterday.

It's a retro thing.
It’s a retro thing.

I dry my rolled hair with a retro-styled bonnet attachment which slips onto my blow dryer, but there was no time for that yesterday. I decided the next best thing was to start out our trip wearing hair rollers and take them out when my hair dried naturally.

This meant that when the mechanic said, “Rack,” I had two choices: go into the car repair shop waiting room with purple and green curlers in my hair or snatch them out as fast as I could while the mechanic waited by the driver’s door. I chose B.

I then joined Mother and Ray inside in the waiting room — or should I say waiting nook.


The loaded-to-the-gills Suburban looked like this:

On the Rack
On the Rack

Across from our waiting nook chairs was a copy of the Ten Commandments. It was nice to see the owners of the repair shop letting their light shine.

Letting Light Shine
Letting Light Shine

As we sat waiting, I had the feeling that I just might be sporting a pretty wild head of hair. I turned to Ray and asked, “Is my hair wild?”

"It's not all wild."
“Not all of it.”

“Not all of it,” he replied.

I laughed at his diplomatic answer to my question. It reminds me of the apostle Paul. He had strong rebukes and admonitions in epistle after epistle to young Christians, but almost always, he shared something positive, too.

Every child is like those early Christians. He wants to hear what he is doing right. You can do it. After all, your child’s ____________ might be wild, but probably not all of it.

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another,
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

By the way, the car was fine!

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  1. Just received our brand new edition of From Adam to Us!! Can’t wait to start…next fall!
    Love the NEW book smell! Thank you!

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