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An important task when planning a wedding is choosing the invitation. Brides want it to look just right and feel just right. They want to send invitations to just the right people–to everyone who wants to receive one and not to anyone who is going to wonder why she got one.

Ray and I got married when we were still under the influence of the sixties culture that continued on into the seventies. We broke some traditional molds. We wrote our own vows, which was a pretty new idea back then. We catered our own rehearsal dinner. I wrote out our invitation in black ink, added line drawings of doves, and took the original to a print shop to have our invitations printed.

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If Pinterest had been around back then, it would have had instructions for decoupage. A nice lady glued our invitation onto a wooden plaque, glued gold lace around its border, and decoupaged it.

I like invitations. They tell me that I am important to others and that they want me to celebrate with them.

Ray and I got an especially wonderful invitation today. It didn’t come printed on fancy paper and it wasn’t delivered by the postman. We up early yesterday morning and came up to see our grandson Henry and his daddy and mama. We had barely gotten here before Henry invited us to come to the basement to play.

Three people came to our party–Henry, Ray, and I. The conversation was wonderful–all about trains and balls and blocks and things. We were thoroughly entertained. The event wasn’t formal at all–we spent lots of our time on the floor.

Every child sends out invitations. I’m thankful that your children have you to say yes to theirs.

And taking him in His arms, He said to them,
“Whoever receives one child like this
in My name receives Me;
and whoever receives Me does not receive Me,
but Him who sent Me.”
Mark 9:36-37


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