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Back in February I wrote a post about one mama’s daddy, including a picture of her daddy helping with school.


Over the weekend, I learned that my friend’s father has gone to be with the Lord. The multi-generational blessings of this family are some of the most inspiring I have known. I don’t know how many generations these blessings go back to generations before, but I have seen hundred-fold fruit from this grandpa and grandma that continues in their children and grandchildren.

The impact of this man’s life has not ended because he has left earth for a far better place. It wouldn’t be right only to say that he had a giant impact on his progeny because that impact continues — just as your own impact on your children and grandchildren will continue.

Have you had fast food in the past week, food wrapped in paper and Styrofoam® that you quickly threw away? Have you gotten any junk mail in your mailbox? Have you gotten rid of any castoffs during this change of seasons? We are surrounded by things that are temporary and things we want to get rid of fast.

With throwaways all around us, it is hard sometimes to focus on the important things that will last, but that is exactly what you are doing when you train your children. You are also doing that when you make sure they get lots of time with the people in your own multi-generational family who also give multi-generational blessings. I know that this Grandpa’s family doesn’t regret any efforts they made for their children to do exactly that.

For I have chosen him,
so that he may command his children
and his household after him
to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice,
so that the Lord may bring upon Abraham
what He has spoken about him.
Genesis 18:19


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