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Following Ray’s pulmonologist’s orders, Ray and I recently spent some time away from home while workers (whom we deeply appreciate) have been improving the air quality inside our very old house. We were grateful when the doctor told Ray, “You don’t have to move. Have the work done. Don’t do it yourself, and don’t be there while it is being done.”

We have enjoyed our time at a hotel a couple of nights, with friends a couple of nights, and with family a couple of nights. Now we are enjoying being back at home.

The day before our first night in a hotel was busy with work, finishing up our grandson’s baby quilt, and a fun birthday party. I confess that, by the time we got to the hotel, we were dragging. The hotel was nice, but the first room assigned to us on the second floor didn’t smell so good. Back to the elevator we went with our six days’ worth of luggage piled on the cart. The kindly clerk gave us a key for a room on the third floor and we headed back to the elevator.

When I wrote a post about elevators back in March, I shared a bonus, just-for-fun, elevator tip for a long marriage: When Ray and I find ourselves alone when the elevator doors close, we give each other a kiss, so all those trips up and down the elevator had some benefits and we never fuss over who gets to push the elevator button like our kiddos used to do.

On the cart were a couple of items that needed to stay cool. When we got to the room, I asked Ray “Fridgafreightor?” “Rite cheer!” he replied. Do I need to translate our words for refrigerator and right here?

I hope you have a family language and a couple language like we do. It makes late nights of unloading luggage carts in hotels lots more fun.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24

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  1. I love your couple language! It makes me think of all the inside jokes we’ve developed over the years of homeschooling. As my oldest is getting closer to dating age we’ve been joking about how much we’ll need to translate if he brings a girl home for dinner. She better know her literature or she won’t be able to follow the conversation. 😆

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