Fun. Laughter. Joy.

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When Ray and I were at the Pioneer Cafe in Texas a few weeks back, a group of men were having a grand time at a nearby table. This prompted Ray to share a C.S. Lewis quote with me:

“There’s no sound I like better than adult male laughter.” — C.S. Lewis

I won’t say that is my absolute favorite sound, but I do I love to hear good hearty belly laughs and none better than the ones that exude from Ray.

Here he is yesterday telling jokes to a couple of our kids in the midst of making some final decisions about the curriculum we are currently updating.

My Hubby

Here’s one of the jokes:

What do Alexander the Great, John the Baptist, and Winnie-the-Pooh have in common?

They have the same middle name.

Tee hee hee.

You can see another evidence of Ray’s humor on his desk — the green sticker between his clock and the desk light his parents gave him when he was in high school a bunch of decades ago. He recently found the sticker on a skid of books. It says: DO NOT BREAK DOWN. When the pressure gets high in the office, Ray knows exactly what not to do!

Fun. Laughter. Joy. Find some every day, especially when your husband gets home!

. . . for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
Nehemiah 8:10


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