Glowing and Bouncing

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While our friends look for Starbucks, Ray and I are rolling around our blue IGLOO® cooler, packed with kefir water, kombucha, and tart cherry juice. The first two are for probiotics, and 2 ounces of tart cherry juice is a great sleep tonic!

When we got to our conference last week, we put our cold stuff in the little fridge and parked the rolling cooler by the window. One afternoon when we had a few moments to stop by our room, I was shocked by our glowing cooler!

The Glowing Cooler
The Glowing Cooler

This is no fancy lighted cooler (if there is such a thing); it’s just a plastic IGLOO®! What we were seeing was a reflection.

I walked over to the right side of the cooler and peeked inside to figure out what was going on. Bright sunlight shone through the window from behind the curtain. Direct light waves hit the inside of the cooler at the small brilliant spot, seen at left in the photo below. The rays bounced around in the white interior until the cooler appeared to glow.

Bouncing Light
Bouncing Light

Jesus told His followers:

If therefore your whole body
is full of light,
with no dark part in it,
it will be wholly illumined,
as when the lamp
illumines you with its rays.”
Luke 11:36

In John 8:12, Jesus called Himself the light of the world. In Matthew 5:14, He called His followers the light of the world. Our cooler would have never glowed by itself; its light was only a reflection of the light that shone on it. That’s what we are, too, reflections of Jesus, the light of the world. As we bounce around from task to task today, let’s glow for Him and for “all who are in the house.”

You are the light of the world.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden;
nor does anyone light a lamp
and put it under a basket,
but on the lampstand,
and it gives light
to all who are in the house.
Let your light shine
before men in such a way
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father
who is in heaven.
Matthew 5:14-16


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