Mothers and Daughters

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In 1900 artist Henry Wolf created this image, titled Mother and Daughter.

Courtesy Smithsonian American Art Museum, Transfer from the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

In June 1940, this mother and daughter worked together in the kitchen of a café in Pie Town, New Mexico. The mother was helping her daughter and her daughter’s husband, who ran the café.

 Photo by Russell Lee. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Our friend Darlene continues to share stories about her 39 years at our local nursing home, where she worked in the laundry and loved the patients she served. In a recent Sunday school class, she told us about a mother and daughter who were both residents there.

Darlene called the daughter by her first name and called the mother Ma, followed by their last name. I’ll call the daughter Judith and the mother Ma Stone. Judith and her mother were godly women who both read their Bibles daily. Judith had muscular dystrophy.

On the day that Darlene told us about Judith and Ma Stone, Judith had recently passed away. Our friend, Jody, who is also in our class, told us about a heart-to-heart conversation she once had with Judith. In that conversation, Judith talked to Jody about painful aspects of her childhood, especially her being ostracized by other children because of her disability. Judith felt guilty about her own feelings of judgment against those who had hurt her.

With the help and instruction of the homebound teacher, Joan, who worked for the local school system (and is now in our Wednesday morning ladies class), Judith was able to graduate from high school. Ma Scott walked with her daughter in her graduation ceremony.

The lives of Darlene, Jody, Joan, Judith, and Ma Scott have all intersected for good in the little town of Gainesboro, Tennessee. What a difference we can all make in the lives of the people around us. Thank you for doing that for your children every day.

Darlene praised Ma Scott for her commitment to reading the Bible faithfully and for the blessing she was in her daughter’s life. Judith and her siblings praised their mother, too. Darlene told us that all of Ma Scott’s children did what Proverbs 31 tells us that the children of worthy women do:

Her children rise up and bless her . . .
Proverbs 31:28

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